Emma Elinor Lundin

Historian & journalist

I'm a historian broadly interested in 20th-century liberation movements and philosophies: these include international socialism, social democracy and socialist politicians; women's and feminist movements; black power and minority rights movements; international cooperation and activism. My teaching interests are Europe, South Africa and southern Africa in the 20th century; Scandinavian and Nordic history; 20th century politics (including the history of socialism and Social Democracy); gender history; internationalism and transnational history; the history of activism and solidarity movements, as well as research and writing skills. I am an Associate Fellow of The Higher Education Academy, and soon to be a history lecturer at Malmö University in Sweden.

My AHRC-funded PhD at Birkbeck, University of London - 'Practical Solidarity: Connections between Swedish Social Democratic women and women in the ANC, 1960-1994' (supervised by Dr Hilary Sapire & Professor Mary Hilson) - explored the historical impact of informal cross-border relationships in national and international settings, and how these have informed ideas about gender and equality. I passed my viva in October 2015 without corrections.





Selected awards: 

  • Eric Hobsbawm Scholarship 2015

  • AHRC PhD studentship 2012-2014

  • Research grant from the Tage Erlander Fund for International Cooperation, 2013

  • Travel grant from Birkbeck's history department, 2013

  • AHRC travel grant, 2013

  • AHRC MA studentship 2010-2011


Freedom and Nationhood: The State in Post-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa, 1956-2010, School of History, Queen Mary University of London - spring 2018

International Eugenics in Comparative Perspective, School of History, Queen Mary University of London - spring term 2017

Mandela's World, School of History, Queen Mary University of London - spring term 2016

World's of the British Empire, 1700-1960, Department of History, King's College London - spring term 2016

Nordic Politics & Society from 1990Scandinavian Studies, University College London - autumn term 2014

The British Empire 1780-1960, Department of History, Classics & Archaeology, Birkbeck - autumn term 2014 & spring term 2015


'The Socialist International and the campaign for gender quotas – from Sweden to South Africa' A Century of Women MPs, 1918-2018, University of Westminster and Palace of Westminster, September 2018

'Writing Women Out of History: Post-Crisis Lessons from Southern Africa and Scandinavia' Nordic Women's and Gender History Conference, University of Oulu, Finland, June 2018

'Feminism beyond borders: the 1970s from South Africa to Sweden' New Directions in the History of the British Women’s Liberation Movement, University of Oxford, December 2017

'Double militancy and fifth columns: Women’s homosocial organisations within political parties' Beyond Between Men - Homosociality Across Time, a symposium at the University of Oxford, June 2017

Adapting Feminism: Swedish and South African political activists’ use of second-wave vocabulary 1968-1994' Reluctant Internationalists' Languages of Internationalism conference, Birkbeck College, May 2017 (To listen to a recording of my panel - also featuring Dr Jocelyn Olcott and Dr Christine Varga-Harris and chair Dr Philippa Hetherington - click here)

‘The benefits of solidarity: Swedish Social Democratic women’s experiences in the anti-apartheid struggle’ XIV Nordic Labour History Conference, Reykjavik, November 2016

‘The ANC and Swedish Social Democrats: from party sympathy to government support through the anti-apartheid struggle’ African Studies Association of the UK conference, University of Cambridge, September 2016

'Liberation from within: lessons from women’s activists in Sweden and South Africa’, Women's History Network Conference, University of Kent, September 2015

'International connections and community: the political liberation of women in Sweden and South Africa' Nordic Women’s and Gender History Conference, Stockholm, August 2015

'Transnational feminism: connecting political women in Sweden and South Africa' Social History Society Conference, University of Portsmouth, March 2015

'Zipped lists and parliamentary quotas: gender equality and party politics in Sweden and South Africa' Nordic Research Network Conference, University of Edinburgh, February 2015

'The impact of international exchanges on women's quest for equality within the ANC 1960-1976' Imperial and Global History Network Conference, University of Exeter, June 2014

'Triple oppression and a new language of liberation: ANC women's quest for power and influence, 1960-1976' History Lab Conference, June 2014

'Double militancy and triple oppression: women’s quests for power within the African National Congress and the Swedish Social Democratic Party, 1960-1976' Birkbeck HCA Graduate Research Day, March 2014

'The importance of internationalism: women’s path to power within the Swedish Social Democratic Party in the 1960s and 1970s' History Lab Conference, June 2013

'Women in the international anti-apartheid movement: Sweden and South Africa' Birkbeck HCA Graduate Research Day, November 2012

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